Aussie Reel review

By Ray Powell


Advanced Freediving Equipment


I have been using two of the reels now for some time. Having been used to the euro style guns and reel set ups I must admit that at first glance the reel seemed to be heavy set due to the solid construction. The extra weight I found added to the guns tracking / maneuverability and really balanced the whole package ( 1.4 and 1.2 m  carbon heavy duty DiveR barrels / old style rob allen mec , 7.5mm  single 3/4 rubber. ) 


They hold enough line 40 to 50 m which releases effortlessly and is retrieved equally easily without any need to reset drags etc as some reels have. 


I have taken some time too write up this review as I wanted to test these out over a period of time and against some tough fish. I recently spent 3 weeks in the coral sea and found these reels vital in hunting large Maori sea perch and flighty emperor species. They were also put too the test against Wahoo of over 30kgs many of which were vaporized by sharks. XOS size barracuda, giant trevallies of 40 kg and the toughest fish of all DOG TOOTH TUNA. Under all conditions the reels worked without failing or jamming. However I was spooooooooooooooooled more than once I can tell you.

I fit the reels with a pin as well inserted through the barrel securing the mech and grip. Having the weight as far back as possible really adds to the maneuverability of the gun. You will be surprised just how easy this makes for fast tracking of flighty fish.


I would advise any diver who is considering using a reel to take a close look at these tough Aussie made "barracuda reels". Mechanically so simple, yet very effective and trouble free to use. Built for Aussie hard fighting fish these reels stack up.


Also you aren't dealing with a company overseas. These are made by one off Australia’s true spearfishing identities Barry Paxman out of WA. Anyone who knows anything about big fish knows Barry has had the experience hunting them.


I have no reservations about giving this product the thumbs up, nor giving you my guarantee that you will be satisfied beyond your expectations with these reels.

Note well:

Some consideration is to be given to the line used. Super braid is tough but can kink and cuts easily through fish and your fingers. A soft line such as waxed dyneema or Kevlar I would recommend. Definitely not mono or cable.



Advanced Freediving Equipment

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          Some fish taken using the Barracuda reel system