An Interesting Sunday with Ian Robertson

Got out mid morning Sunday in perfect conditions off Gero for a local splash with Chris Watt. Steamed past a couple of lino boats on Pensioners Bank (Champion Bay) and chucked the anchor in about 14m. Could see the bottom clear as a bell. Reports from the previous day of lots of trout around.

First dive down a school of Sambos came straight at me and I lined up the nearest and pulled the trigger, but the spear barely made it out of the gun when the spearline tangled in the rubber, gun was probably not rigged properly from islands trip last week. Only second time that's ever happened. Anyway, untangled that mess and back came the Sambos so lined up again and the mongrel wouldn't turn side-on, then when they did they were too close, I couldn't bring the gun around, and blew that one too.

Then heard a boat motor above, then it stops and I hear voices. Here we go I thought, linos giving us a spray for not having our flag up. Got to the surface and they are saying 'Get out the water, we will take you back to your boat bla bla. ' Anyway climbed aboard this blokes 4.5m tinny and they take us back to the other lino boats 300m away babbling about a big white pointer. So we pull up and there is a grey thing in the water, and it slowly turns around and swims staight to our boat, pointy nose and then it just gets bigger and bigger until it is right alongside, 5m plus of fat GWS. Oops. Glad I didn't get one of those Sambos!


We watched the shark for about 10 mins and then Chris switched on his shark shield and dangled the tail in the water while the shark (small truck) swam past, Whitey didn't like that and swam away. Think I may get one of those, if I dont sell all my gear on E-bay.


Long story short, Chris (Hellman) decides we must move to the other side of Point Moore to continue our dive. Cept I had left my mask on the linos boat, so Chris is over the side by himself, about 100m from where a whale is wallowing. I'm boatie. A few dud spots and then Chris finds some good ground and I mark it, and Chris is onto a nice trout and then a nice dhuey.

Then he asks if I want a go with his mask.Sure, I lie, and then chuck on his leaky mask and floppy snorkel and try to relax and breathe up while the mask fills up with water and I inhale lungfulls of water. Manage to get to the bottom and heartrate is slowing at around 120 bpm and looking around anxiously for the big boy, thinking after Chris's flurry of fish it would be just my luck to get sniffed up by a 5m curious white while the goggles are half full of water. But it didn't happen and I managed to get to the bottom a couple more times on some very fishy bottom, and managed a couple of baldies and a trout. Then into the boat and lets bail, esky holding with some nice fish, nothing spectacular but a good feed for around town.