Well as you all know there's been a closed season in the West Coast Bioregion on most of our normal spring targets since October 15th. This has given BFWA divers the excuse to range far and wide and some interesting things were learnt...

The Huntriss Crew learnt there's no mackerel close to home but there are wahoo if you drive out far enough

Brian learnt he is much better diver than fisherman

Anyone lost a pet dolphin?

A few people ventured to the south coast


                                                                                Longsnout Boarfish                                                                                                    Attack of the Buff Bream 

Gary Fisher with his first Esperance Samson

A few went way up north...


It's almost like the know they are protected....

Baby Tiger in Denham

Phil with a couple of Gascoyne Blackspots                                                   Rob with a Baldchin and Parrot

Spencer and an elusive Jack

Gary Barten caught the mackerel disease

Super flat conditions in the far north

Of course when November 15 rolled around the torches and loops got dusted off...



Half decent crays from the opening week

Great closeup of a cuttlefish seen while chasing crays


                    making flathead somewhat of a challenge                                   about to become lunch


Classic Cray ledge


Rotto Hoodlum