Fish of the Month
December 2015

Nathan snuck out not long after the season opened for a 9kg Dhu

November 2015

Big Mac has been giving the crays a hard time including this 3.5kg beast

May 2015

Vin manages an all too rare WA Yellowfin

April 2015

Cam manages a lovely 98cm Dhu... from a shore dive!

March 2015

Vin and a great Coro... never get tired of chasing these tasty treats

February 2015

Norm with a nice mack right on Perth's doorstep

June 2014

Hard to go past this beast Black Spot!

May 2014

Big Mac with a Big mac and Kev with a nice local Dhu

April 2014

Some serious macks getting around at the moment!

March 2014

State record skippy falls from just off Fremantle

February 2014

The invincible Pickering machine nails another Perth Yellowfin

January 2014

Ash with a couple of extra tasty reefies from a quick run up north

December 2013

Its not always about the fish, take time to get your kids out and see how wonderful the WA coast is!

October 2013

Matty scores a sneeky snapper

August 2013

Mike with an all to rare WA Red Emperor

July 2013

BFWA Junior Miles Galli managed his first Dhu -  always one to remember

June 2013

A year of oddballs continues... Vin with a Robinson's Sea Perch

May 2013

Kingston: the coolest wild Yellowtail King we know

April 2013

Ant scored an elusive mainland Mu (Big Eye Sea Perch)

March 2013

Simon M again... this time with a local mack

February 2013

Simon M scores an Australian record

January 2013

Not a fish but certainly the best thing seen on the forum this month

December 2012

Now there's something you don't bump into everyday! WA Highfin Trout

November 2012

Its November and we all know what that means!

October 2012

Ben with a stonking Jack - and no scales to weigh it!

September 2012

Ash breaks the club record for Common Trout

August 2012

Lee breaks the 30kg barrier with a thumping Wahoo

July 2012

Ant gets his first Hoo... and starts the wahoo plague of 2012

June 2012

Geoff score his first spanish.... and from Rockingham

May 2012

Nathan scores an awesome 15kg local Dhu

April 2012

Certified 34kg of Perth Spanish

March 2012

Welcome to WA! Xavier with his first taste of Perth diving

February 2012

Ash and Dongara Saily

January 2012

Scott wasted no time in opening his 2012 Yellowfin account

December 2011

Get Trout for Rob

November 2011

Paul with the winning haul from the club cray competition: 7.7kg for 3 crays

October 2011


Ant with a great last minute Dhu before the closure

September 2011

Scott with a 25kg Mack

August 2011

Barry with a new state record Chinaman

July 2011

Simon M scores his first Jobbie

June 2011

Clint manages a club record Red Bass

May 2011

Ash joins the 30kg club!

April 2011

Surgically spine shot in the tail!

March 2011

Pete nails his first Spanish

February 2011

J-Lo with a monster City Beach Mack

January 2011

Not big but hard to hit!!!

December 2010

Paulo stops his first Hoo in its tracks

November 2010

Clint take on the challenge and scores a state record

October 2010

You have got to be kidding... Greg nails a huge GT


September 2010

Another record for Greg... someone send him back to work!

August 2010

On a role this year.... Greg breaks his own Longtail record

July 2010

The unthinkable happens... Spencer nails a Yellowtail over 40kg!

June 2010

Greg roles the club record Samson on the way to another Frank Paxman trophy

May 2010

Jack smashes the club record Baldchin... and from local waters

April 2010

Greg with a massive local Pinkie

March 2010

Why? cause they forgot their weight belts, dived in 6m of water and won the club Pelagic Pairs comp

February 2010

More effort required now its only 2 Dhu per boat

January 2010

3.98kg, so close... so close

December 2009

Ben with a thumping Blackspot

November 2009

Who needs a gun! Paulo Strikes with the cray loop

October 2009

Zoran knocks over the state record Ember Parrot

September 2009

Love it when a plan comes together!

August 2009

Philip Mitchell smashes the Red Bass club record

July 2009

DJ breaks the 30kg barrier with this 32.5kg mack

June 2009

Young Jack Moss scores his first mack

May 2009

Ash Walsh with a club record Yellow Tail King

April 2009

Ben Coy with a 7.4kg pilbara trout

March 2009

Han's equal state record Wahoo was a clear winner

February 2009

Clint's inshore tuna just edged out Matt's big macks

January 2009

Not the biggest fish of the month but certainly the tastiest

December 2008

Possibly the only fish speared with Cray Fever in full swing

November 2008

Recent arrival from South Africa Graham Carlisle captured this excellent Dhu on his first dive in Australia

October 2008

October was rather swelly but some interesting photos got snapped

September 2008

The sea dog outclassed the young guys again!

August 2008

Deano cracked the 20kg barrier with this Yellowtail King

August 2008

part 2

Scott with a new state record Cobia

July 2008

Barry and a new state record Bar Cheek Trout

June 2008

Paul with a great Mulloway- good enough to make the cover of Spearfishing Downunder

May 2008

DJ scored his first spanish: a respectable 15kg cleaned

April 2008

Maybe not the biggest but when you put the camera down for 5 mins and get fish of the day its a good effort

March 2008

Good enough to make the front cover of Spearfishing Downunder Magazine

February 2008


February's fish of the month was too tough to call with these two great yellowfin taken within 30 minutes of each other, a very rare event in WA

January 2008

Matt Chave with a 18kg (cleaned) Spanish Mackerel from Green Head

December 2007

Guy Davies with a great 7kg Coral trout from Bernier Island

November 2007

Greg Pickering's great baldchin of 6.8kg (cleaned) from very shallow water close to Perth

October 2007

Junior Diver Spencer Loxton showing the seniors how its done with a great 15.1kg Dhufish . This fish has been accepted as a new junior state record beating the previous mark by 3.4kg.