The Weekend that was…


The first weekend in November finally saw some reasonable diving conditions. The swell was almost no existent and the wind; well at least it was offshore!!


Saturday saw a few hardier (or maybe stupider) BFWA divers launch from Two Rocks and head north. The howling easterly was creating extremely rough conditions offshore.


Vis was pretty good although quality fish were hard to come by. A couple of decent King George were found along with a couple of average Dhus.


Greg picked up a great 7kg baldchin on top of the reef and rare Unicorn fish was seen in the same area.

Barry managed a 24kg Blue that nearly saw him lose his gun. The fish was very flighty in the surgy conditions allowing only a quick shot, the mono then tangled around the rubber and Barry was forced to let go of the gun. The fish raced into a long series of tunnels with Barry keeping track of it as he saw the gun whizz past through the odd opening in top of the reef. Eventually the gun became stuck on the reef, but he could not reach the fish to pull it out. Barry was then forced to return to the boat 75m away, get a spare gun, find the fish again and finish the job. It’s not always simple!

There was quiet a few Sambos around and Barry picked out the smallest one which still went 26.1kg! The mind boggles at how big some of the others were!

The wind had dropped by this time and it was a quick trip home although daylight saving had tricked us again and it was 4.30 before we hit the ramp.


Sunday saw 2 boats travel further north in the hopes of some quality bottom species. The wind was again offshore but quite a bit lighter. Visibility exceeded 20m in some spots.


John showed he’d been practising his reversing skills although he couldn’t seem to hold his tongue right when starting his motor and they looked destined to be doing a shore swim. The Huntriss crew returned to see what the trouble was, Greg gave the motor a “start or you’ll be sold” look and it roared to life.


Hans picked up a great dhu over 10kg early on and things were looking promising. There was plenty of medium size baldies on the bottom and Barry nailed an elusive Pink Snapper.


About this time a Seal decided John’s day was not going to get any better. Here’s his version of events:


“I had a shit of a day. Got there motor wouldn't start, tried for 10 mins, Barry comes back Greg get motor started in 45 seconds, will not hear the last of that !!!!


No GPS or Sounder, no power to them spent 10mins checking fuses etc could not find fault.

Found some really good ground, shot a good baldy, young seal comes over starts harassing me for the fish he pulled it out of my hand while I was threading it onto my gun.


Don’t see any other good fish, swimming back to boat, Seal comes back and has a tug of war with me for the buff on my gun! Barry’s boat comes over and they laugh there boxes off as me and the seal fight over the buff. I finally gave in and gave him the fish


Move boat about 3ks north to get away from the Seal.  Next dive I’m lining up on a good Dhew when right next to me appears the Seal again! Dhew shits itself at the sight of the seal and pisses off, so I just played with the seal for about 15 mins. It was like playing with a puppy dog, doing barrel rolls and swimming around each other, fucking good fun, he was so close I could have patted him. 


I gave up trying to spear anything because as soon as I dived he would appear next to me. I came home with NO fish but had a good day”


Anyway after taking some pictures of “The Bridge” we fished our way along the reef finding a few new spots and picking up the odd dhu here and there.


The wind dropped right out in the arvo and the flies appeared, they managed to get in our masks, under our dive hoods, bloody everywhere – most annoying!




With the calm conditions we really flew back to the beach to be greeted by even more flies and the long drive home.