Hey….Clint’s got a boat!!

By Guy Davies      18/10/07

Everyone knows Clint, he’s been around for a long time,  like a lot of blokes he has never needed a boat, there’s always a ride going somewhere, with his great character and ability, all too easy, don’t even have to put the thumb out….But….Clint want’s a boat….so…he brought a red wreck (A fibreglass red wreck) “I’m going to cut this down, & convert this into a centre console” he says.


I did like the idea….though I did wonder…


Now over a year has passed…the red wreck is still a red wreck (in the country town of York) though I must admit the top deck & floor have been removed, at one stage it was hanging off a tree so that gravity could keep the opened up hull from going out of shape, the latest was (less than a month ago)  that he wanted to get it into the (landlords) shed, so that he could get on with the project….but there was a tractor in there that wouldn’t start…..Hmmm


I received a phone call from Clint last week, letting me know that he was  about to buy an inflatable boat (good move, I used to have one myself). A steal at $1100, in nearly mint condition, just have to upgrade the motor, (I felt very happy for him) “this was the way to go” I felt.


Day before yesterday Clint pulled into my driveway with at first glance looked like some sort of trailer behind his vehicle (on his way to a repairer?) It was a boat trailer and on closer inspection…an inflatable boat….without air… was upon it. “Hmmm” (I think to myself…again!)

Clint informed me that not long after he had purchased this boat (one day) the seams all started to fall apart (this is not a good thing with inflatable boats!) I did notice an large opening in the hull…….I immediately thought of a cow giving birth…(it was a very large split).

Just had to take a few photos, (couldn’t resist the urge) I’m sure that large split can be easily fixed, also take note how the left rear pontoon has gracefully parted from the transom…I must admit though, it did come with a very sturdy looking trailer, I felt this was a big plus. All in all, with a few minor repairs this is going to be one hell of a great boat (a bargain buy).

I am really looking forward to being far out to sea with Clint & his boat, though I’ll be quietly hoping the thing stays afloat.