My thoughts on DEEP fins

by Simon Longbottom


These comments are in relation to what I’m use to from my DiveR stiff blades in Picasso pockets. In the past I’ve had owned Esclapez green and black, Cressi Gara (removable grey blades), Cressi Gara 2000 HF, Omer bat 40’s and Picasso black team. I’ve also used the special fin carbon hybrids for 10 or so hours.


My style of diving generally termed “impatient”, I like to get places fast and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of energy to “feel” the blades pushing my 83kegs through the water.


Medium Slim blades

Extremely easy to swim in. I didn’t feel like I was getting much propulsion from these, almost as though I was over kicking or kicking through them.


 I didn’t have a problem completing the 200m 25m up 25m down test but it seemed to take FOREVER to swim the 25m on the bottom. I didn’t feel out of breath and think I could have swum in these all day.


Probably a good fin for younger divers (read less fat!) or if you where swimming kms in shallow water. I didn’t try these in the ocean as I knew they wouldn’t suit my style of diving.


Pic: showing difference in width between slim blade and DiveR

(DiveR blade is the same width as DEEP medium standard and firm blade)


Medium standard blade

Considering these are the same stiffness as the slim blades I was amazed that a couple of cms in blade width could equate to such an increase in power. They didn’t match the raw power of my DiveRs but for effort expended Vs return I quite liked them.


They were a lot better in the ocean than the pool, I did a couple of dives over 18m with them and they brought me up off the bottom easily. I had to increase my kick rate to get the same ascent rate as my DiveRs but it took about the same amount of energy so it evens out in the end.


One of our juniors tried them and had a noticeable depth improvement over his Esclapez blacks. He must have liked them as the Esclapez stayed in the boat for the rest of the day.


Greg Pickering took them for a swim in fairly surgy conditions the following weekend. He commented that they provided better propulsion with a slow and steady, energy saving, kick rate rather than trying to “kick the guts out of them”.

Pic: showing the slight extra length of the DiveR compared to Blue Camo Firm blades (bottom) and Medium standard blade (top)


Blue Camo Firm blades

By far my favourites. Plenty of power, equalling or exceeding my DiveR’s, but easier to kick with. They moved me quickly across the surface in a moderate swell and had heaps of grunt off the bottom. I probably did 2 km in the ocean with these and felt good. At one stage I took one off to double check the blade was secure, with one fin I could move around and dive well enough so that busting or losing a fin wouldn’t end you dive trip (don’t laugh I had this happen with my bat fins 500km from home).



Pic: Blue Camo Firm blades are the same width as DiveR



These are a well priced brand of composite blade that delivers good performance providing you pick a blade that suits your style of diving. Don’t get sucked into the idea that more experience equals a stiffer blade and vice versa, it really comes down to finning style.


Another important point that can’t be stressed enough is the importance of a comfortable footpocket. It doesn’t matter how good the blade is, if the footpocket is hurting or too loose you won’t be getting much out of your $250-$300 blades.


As a side note everyone who tried these on commented on how comfy the footpockets were (Spetton and Dessault), compared to Omer and Picasso.