Cervantes Quick Trip Feb 08


With a blustery easterly forecast for Saturday, a group of the club’s younger members were looking for somewhere with a chance of decent fish without having to go to far offshore. Cervantes was the call, as a few solid dhu have been taken up that way recently. As word got out and logistics started falling into place, the group continued to grow until on Friday night it had turned into a 7 man trip with members from as far a field as Mandurah.


Having a decent sized crew allowed for two boats and a convoy was started at the early hour of 4am in Bicton, with Brad having to make an even earlier start from Mandurah. The convoy didn’t take long to get split up by some interesting navigating from the bleary eyed crew. Brad and Kev had a harrowing experience with brake failure coming onto the Brand Hwy, and were only moments away from being t-boned by Dan’s ‘cruiser as we met up again.


But we eventually got past the fast turning blades of the wind farm to be greeted with a smooth, blue ocean with a little bit of swell which dropped throughout the day.



We made our way nervously north, picking our way through the rock outcrops towards a spot that we were assured held plenty of baldies and some big dhus if you swim enough.


On my first dive on some promising looking ground in around 12m, I was greeted by an arrogant little baldy who seemed to be itching to die but was far too young for the frypan. ‘Very good sign’ I thought. We all swam a good distance all around the boat checking under some nice big ledges and some more open baldy ground, but only came up with one small baldy between us with little else spotted.



We moved on for more of the same, with a couple of baldies picked up in my boat, and Jay getting a small dhu and the first good sized baldy in Brad’s. Brad shot a decent sambo, which Rob was only too happy to pose with.



Now the wind had really picked up from the south east and we were getting sick of not seeing as many fish as the ground warranted. We headed south and eventually stopped to investigate some birds working with a school of bonito in the shallows almost directly out from the townsite. The school was moving too fast, but the shallows quickly dropped from 3-4m down to 12m with some big cave structure so we hung around. A few more baldies and another small dhu were picked up with some big sambos making an appearance.


It was time to call it quits, with a big drive ahead of us and nearly all of the guys seemed to have a woman at home cracking the whip. All-in-all there were plenty of nice fillets in the esky and everyone had got at least a feed.


Fisheries were there to greet us at the beach, but when they saw that we were having a little trouble getting the trailer out of the water, thought it best to leave us to it. Thanks guys. Getting my boat out of the water was a learning experience, with a very steep drop-off right on the edge of the sand. Next time I’ll have it more sussed.


A few weary travellers piled into the cars and headed off. Rob and I enjoyed the comfort of Dan’s luxury limousine, as can be seen in the photo below.



We made it home just in time for sunset, which probably saved a few guys from having their testicles removed by their respective Directors of Entertainment.