Exmouth Express August 2005 with Guy Davies

Friday afternoon, with club members Hans Beyler, Mike Garstone & Brian Loxton, off to Exmouth we went for the weekend (only 1400k's away).


Arrived Saturday morning, conditions looking "not good" & off out to Peak Island, approx 60k's out. The big Mack's on this occasion were nowhere to be seen, not good, considering the effort taken to get here, though we managed to bagged our limit mostly around the 16kilo mark.

The next day conditions had improved, though the Mackerel were very scarce, at about midday I went to the bottom in 16m of fairly dirty water. Through the murk I spotted what looked like a reasonable sized cod, I have never been one for nailing these fish, as there wasn't much else around I thought 'why not' & quickly let the spear fly.


The fish disappeared into a hole, the depth, dirty water, strong current, plus the fish size, I knew this wasn't going to be easy, though after three dives I managed to get him to the surface. Identified as a Malabar Groper, weighed in at 29.5 kilos, just within the legal limit, had the big pelagics been about I would not have shot this fish, although they a very good table fish.

Back to shore, pack up, another 14 hours in the Landcruiser, in Perth 7am Monday ready for work.