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Next club meeting

                   Date: Tuesday 20th June 2017

                   Time: 7.00pm

                   Location: 4 Drummond Cres Duncraig

Recfishwest staff will be in attendance to answer any questions you might have

Recent News

Erez ran another Stage A course with BFWA in February 2017.

Great to see the safety culture that has developed over the last few years. Special thanks to RECFISHWEST for contributing to the many courses we have run through the Small Grants Program!

Download BFWA's new Beginners Guide for WA!

Almost a mirror image: WA's iconic Dhufish

Ash about to give a Dogtooth a headache

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Always searching.....

Fish of the Month: January 2017


Aldo with great Coronation and equally great photo by Matt Chave

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