Steep Point

Steep Point is approximately 900 kms north of Perth and is the most westerly part of Australia.  The bitchumen road turns to a graded gravel road and then to a sandy track with sections of cap rock. The toll on car and trailer can be severe.


You should not let these small problems deter you. The area is spectacular, with cliffs and beaches broken by headlands. Sometimes huge seas make fishing near impossible, but when the weather settles spearfishing can reach a new level in diving.



       Near Steep Point at dusk       The ocean drops off deep here!


Camping on some of the beaches in the passage between Steep point and Dirk Hartog Island can afford better conditions.



Inside the passage on a lot nicer day.   This is the weather you need for great diving!


Very easy to launch a boat here, only minutes away from spectacular spearfishing. In the distance on the right is the island, on the left a few kilometers away is Steep Point.



Divers see large pelagics such as Spanish mackerel, Mulloway, large Trevally, Sailfish, Yellowtail Kingfish, Samsonfish and Amberjack. There are some very large Groper here but they are a protected fish and are far too big to be used for food anyway.



Tiger shark                        Hammerhead



Amberjack                      Mulloway                            


Samsonfish                      Cobia

Large protected Groper.    Around 120 Kilos!



If you get to Western Australia this is just one of many great dive spots on this coast!