Freedive Photography

Underwater photograpy and videography has really become a mainstream activity in recent years. This is mainly due to the digital revolution and the availability of affordable, user friendly, underwater camera setups.

Here a few snippets of footage from BFWA club members

Freedive spearfishing in southern WA video         Ash's latest production of Freedive Spearfishing in WA


Some frame grabs and video from Ash's new toy               Free swimming Rottnest sambos with Cameron


The legendary Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel: hunting this species has almost become an obsession for many freedivers

Schools of Golden (left) and Bigeye Trevelly (right) are common in WA northern waters

Brown spot Boarfish: there's certainly more than luck involved in finding these tasty treats

Western Foxfish (left) and Harliquin (right) make excellent photography subjects and fairly common in local Perth reefs

A big Blackspot Tuskie hiding in a cave


Tasty but spikey, the elusive Red Rock Cod

Spangled Emporer (above) and Sweetlip Emporer (below) certainly know the difference between a camera and a gun

Above: A far more welcome sight than the nasty beast below

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