Diving in Norway with Patrick Heathcoat Amory

Hi Everyone

I just got back to the UK from an awesome time spearing in Norway. Pretty cold water, and no Tuna or Spanish Macks, of course, but at least I didn't have to think about the Steep Point Bull sharks all the time!


We went to the Oygarden area in Hordaland. Didn't really have a clue what we were doing, but managed to find the only freediving shop in Norway and a great guy behind the counter who gave out plenty of free advice and hired us 7mm wetsuits and the barrel-load of weights that we needed to get under the surface.

We got a loads of 3-5kg Pollock, plenty of Scallops, huge oysters, a 5kg plaice, massive 1-2kg crabs and some Lump Fish.



We spent 4 days there diving about 5-6 hours a day (taking it easy compared to BWFWA days) but need to brush up on our ambush skills for next time. The fish were pretty wary but the vis was 10m+ but you could quite often see the bottom in 18-20m no problem. The drop-offs in some areas reminded me of steep point, 20m straight off the cliffs with nice rocky country at the bottom. One 20m cliff that we moored against had a drop-offs that went 60m straight down into the blackness. Luckily the swell in among the islands was pretty well non-existent, and there were some great drift dives in the narrow channels where all the big predatory fish hang out at the fringes to see what gets washed straight into their mouths.

How many can you count!

A few other fish they get in Norway


Wolf Fish


Catch you later guys, dive safe